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Roque Ramos
Public Service Scholarship

True success happens when every generation continues to develop the next generation. The Roque Ramos Public Service Scholarship was established to provide scholarship opportunities to graduating high school seniors who plan to pursue a career in public service, specifically law enforcement. Each scholar is provided with $1,500 to be applied towards the required semester hours or college credits needed to apply for a job within a local law enforcement department.



Earning a law enforcement degree is a smart move for officers looking to build the skills needed for eventual promotion. This education offers the rewarding opportunity to serve the community, help people make better choices, and save lives every day. Along with an application, students should submit one letter of recommendation, a high school transcript, proof of admissions and a one-page essay describing the candidates’ aspirations within law enforcement. Scholars must also commit to participate as an ambassador for the Blue Guardian Foundation and its events.

About Roque Ramos

Roque Ramos was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. He attended grade school and high school in Dallas and went on to attend El Centro College and Brookhaven College where he received his associate degree in Business Management.


Mr. Ramos’s commitment to pour back into the community that poured into him is evident. His career in public service as a law enforcement officer began as a detention officer for the Dallas Sheriff’s department in 1989. He joined the Dallas Police Department in January 1992 and served the southwest patrol and gang unit. He was promoted to Senior Corporal in 1999 and served the Northwest patrol and worked as school resource officer at Molina High School. He then served the gang unit as a detective in 2004 and was promoted to a Sergeant in 2007. He was assigned to Operation Disruption from 2007 to 2008, and assigned to the Vice unit as a supervisor from 2008 to 2017. He served the Southcentral patrol in 2017, the Southwest patrol in 2019, and currently serves as the Lakewest storefront supervisor.


In addition to serving the community, Mr. Ramos became a member of the Latino Police Officer’s Association (LPOA) in 1992 and went on to serve as President from 1996 to 1998. He served as National Vice President of the LPOA from 1998 to 2002. Mr. Ramos is also one of the Founders of the National Latino Law Enforcement Organization (NLLEO). The NLLEO was created to provide members with promotional training, leadership training, mentorship, legal counsel for scope of duty incidents, and much more. The NLLEO is committed to provide an all-inclusive professional organization with transparency and immediate communication.  Though the name of the organization has the word Latino in it, it was created to provide a law enforcement organization that is all inclusive regardless of race, sex, and religion and is quickly becoming the largest Latino law enforcement organization across the country to include local, state, and federal agencies. The Blue Guardian Foundation was founded as part of The NLLEO and its Greater Dallas Chapter to provide financial assistance to law enforcement officers and their families across the country who have faced the loss of life or income due to a serious injury, life-threatening illness or other catastrophic event.

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